Vince Ebert

Physician, Thinker, Bestseller-Author
Vince Ebert - Did you know, that Mathematics could be fun?

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Vince Ebert was born in 1968 in Amorbach in Germany’s Odenwald region and studied physics at Würzburg’s Julius Maximilian University. After graduating, he worked in management consulting and market research before launching his stage career as a cabaret artist in 1998. The cabaret routines "Physik ist sexy" – Physics is sexy – (2004), "Denken lohnt sich" – Thinking is worthwhile – (2007) and "Freiheit ist alles" – Freedom is everything – (2010) established Ebert as a scientific cabaret artist who can captivate both lay and scientific audiences with his wordplay and humour.

Vince Ebert is a regular presenter of the ARD television programme "Wissen vor acht – Werkstatt" and celebrated the premiere of his new cabaret routine "EVOLUTION" in September 2013. Whether as a cabaret artist, author or speaker, Vince Ebert’s mission is to convey scientific contexts with the laws of humour.

His first books "Denken Sie selbst! Sonst tun es andere für Sie" (Think for yourself – or others will think for you) and "Machen Sie sich frei"! Sonst tut es keiner für Sie" (Break free – because no one else will do it for you) – both published by Rowohlt – featured on the bestseller lists for several months and have sold more than half a million copies.

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