Ulrich Tilgner

Experte in the Middle East, TV-Journalist

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Ulrich Tilgner, born in 1948, is a foreign correspondent specialized in Middle East Affairs. He worked for German TV channels such as ARD and ZDF as well as for SRF, the Swiss TV Channel.

In 2003, Ulrich Tilgner was the recipient of the coveted Hanns-Joachim-Friedrichs prize for outstanding television journalism for his reporting on the Iraq war which the jury bestowed on him for "the degree of professional excellence and journalistic independence despite the extreme working conditions of front-line reportage".

Selected bibliography: Der inszenierte Krieg (2003), Umbruch im Iran (1979)

Selected reportages: Schah Matt (1981), Die Kurden – ein Volk, das es nicht geben darf (1983), Various documentaries (see links).

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