Suzanne Grieger-Langer

Chairwoman German Manager Association & Head of Think Tank German Economy - Europe’s leading expert in profiling
Profiler - Rather Bond than Average Joe!

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Rather Bond than Average Joe - Profiler Suzanne Grieger-Langer is leading the Grieger-Langer Group. She has been a successful business woman since 1993 in a very volatile market and her business is still expanding. The Grieger-Langer Group makes use of its worldwide network consisting of several employees and freelancers who all cherish the topic Profiling in which Grieger-Langer is a well-known pioneer.

As bestselling author in the categories textbook economy (#1) and factual book business management (#1) she is warning about bluffing managers who only want to impress, explains winning disciplines of psychopaths and immunizes against all tricks of jugglers. She also pleads for dealing responsibly with power.

Furthermore, Grieger-Langer is lecturing at some of Europe‘s most prestigious economy colleges. She teaches evolutionary and revolutionary leadership, betrayal prevention and profiling. For the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management she even developed the major "certified profiling".

Suzanne Grieger-Langer stands for precise language, pinpoint punchlines and impressing sovereignty – all of this on stage. Her speeches take you to the world of secret agencies and you will leave with glowing eyes. You will be freshly inspired, competently instructed and sustainably motivated in order to accomplish great goals within the jungle of civilization.


7 columns of power
If one likes to be successful committing ones full potential is inevitable. You can reach your full potential with these 7 columns of power: stability, passion, self-control, love, communication, knowledge and ethics. Used together they will help to gain more authenticity and authority, charisma and impudence as well as serenity and profit.

Leadership – rather Bond than Average Joe
Learn the principles of success from Agent 007 and get immunized a) against crisis and b) strengthened for any change you are facing.

Profiling Tips to psych fraudster
Learn how to analyze and see through fraudsters and which tools to use to bring them back to reality.

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