Stephan Jung

Mastermind for Innovation and Megatrends, Entrepreneur, Author, Lecturer
Stephan Jung: This is life tomorrow.

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Stephan is a mastermind and expert for innovation and megatrends, entrepreneur, author and lecturer. He is regarded as a key visionary for future consumer trends. Furthermore he is a member of the expert panel for International Economy Association (IWR), Berlin and member of Brain Reserve Pool of Faith Popcorn, New York. Stephan has been named TOP 100 entrepreneur in Germany.

During his distinguished career in different management positions he has managed a 12 billion EURO global real estate fund and has been the president of the German Council of Shopping Centers. Stephan has presented his ideas about the future of cities to the EU in Brussels. Politicians and journalists appreciate him as a mastermind. His expertise is based on systematic market research of global hotspots done by his InoventiQ Group offices in Hamburg and Berlin, a positioning and strategy boutique for companies, products and CEOs.

He accurately foretold the rise of Red Bull, Facebook and Google, and the decline of conventional forms of retail. His analytical insights are disruptive, exciting and energizing – not for the faint-hearted.

In his keynotes, workshops and consulting mandates Stephan inspires his audience with a firework of ideas and immedialtely realizable strategies. His passion for innovation is infectious and does whet appetite to break fresh grounds. At the same time Stephan is taking care, that everyone gets the tools to translate those ideas into their business and that there are valuable take-aways from each event.

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