Rainer Petek

Extreme Climber, Sparring Partner, Author, Inspirational Speaker
Rainer Petek - Bergführer für unternehmerische Nordwände.

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RAINER PETEK – the mountain guide for north faces in your business

Rainer Petek, inspirational speaker, sparring partner, extreme climber and author climbed already as a 19-year old the north face of Grandes Jorasses, one of the most difficult mountaineering challenges of the Alps. As a professional mountain-guide he led numerous clients through extremely difficult climbing-routes in the Eastern and Western Alps.

In his keynotes Rainer Petek takes your employees and customers up the "business north face". He creates mental images for the management of challenges and inspires people to start right away. Rainer Petek encourages you to let go of mental ballast and one of his key messages is: recognize possibilities and chances – even above 4.000 m height. Impressive pictures and powerful stories guarantee a strong and emotional experience.

Rainer Petek holds a Master degree  (MSc.) in Organizational Development. Since 1998 he supports national and international companies in mastering difficult change processes along with leadership development for success in demanding environments. He is author and co-author of several books and publications. Rainer´s first book "Das Nordwand-Prinzip – wie Sie das Ungewisse managen" became a long seller and is about how to deal with complexity, uncertainty and unexpected events and brought the similarities between leadership challenges in business and in extreme mountaineering to a broader awareness. Since 2007 Rainer Petek is Lecturer for Leadership in the Executive MBA Program of the Danube University Krems.

Change processes
For many managers and leaders their north face in business means finding a new successful strategy and implementing it with their employees. It is mostly about people supporting a new corporate objective, which very often involves new forms of leadership and cooperation and almost always requires a new mind-set. Sometimes it even requires a new organizational structure.

Rainer Petek assists decision makers as a sparring partner in change projects, advises them on the optimal set up of change processes and supports leaders to get to common commitments in the key management levels. He facilitates the central workshops of the leadership teams and the large group workshops for corporate employee involvement.

More and more company management teams are facing huge and complex challenges. The quality of the cooperation in these teams has a major impact on their economic success. This is especially true for entrepreneurial challenges that are characterized by a high degree of uncertainty and have to be managed in an environment full of disruptions and surprises.

Since 1998 Rainer Petek has been supporting more than 150 leadership teams and project teams in the successful management of their north faces in business. Even today he still supports selected teams to give them a common focus to develop strategies, to implement them and to live a company culture of collaboration without fuss or quibble.

Yesterday leadership meant setting up goals, delegating them, conducting employee reviews, etc. For success under irreversibly changed conditions in a permanently changing environment leaders need a tool-set, that has not found its way into classic leadership trainings yet.

Today leadership means for most managers in particular: leading into the unknown and developing certainty when dealing with uncertainty.

In his customized seminars Rainer Petek elaborates on the topics of his keynotess and conveys in a lively and sustainable way mission-critical subjects like:
•    How to tap the full potential of collaboration for big, common challenges
•    How to establish organization-wide self-management and self-organization in line with company goals and strategy
•    How to master unexpected events and permanent change
•    How to take chances swiftly with a team

Workshops in the mountains
The mountains have always been special places that attracted people for various reasons. One very special reason is: since forever mountains have been a congenial location for people to deal with fundamental questions and big issues. For teams and leaders they offer an ideal and inspiring environment for working together on important topics.

For selected teams Rainer Petek organizes customized strategic time-outs in the mountains. The base camp can be in a tasteful and comfortable hotel, as well as in a remote mountain hut or on a hiking tour for several days.

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