Oliver Tissot

Linguistic Acrobat, Stand-up Comedian
Oliver Tissot: The Funny Summing-up.

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Dr Oliver Tissot came into the public eye through his cabaret appearances on Bavarian television. After gaining diplomas in communication design and idea management, a master’s degree in sociology and completing a doctoral thesis on ’humour as a human factor to achieve business goals’, he is regarded as an exquisite ’laughter expert’ and an authority on humour.

Laughter expertise leads to success.
Content: Instead of letting all kinds of opportunities slip through our fingers due to a surfeit of seriousness, we should all be utilizing our ’laughter expertise’. It’s common knowledge that laughing is healthy, but laughter can – contrary to common belief – also be the key to business success. Dr Tissot demonstrates how to reach goals quicker and easier by harnessing the power of humour. He dips into his treasure chest of ideas and presents the most effective possibilities – from leadership to structuring the daily workload – to create a culture of humour that benefits everyone. Look forward to an entertaining talk that doesn’t beat around the bush.

The Columbus Concept - Leaving old paths to explore the new.
Content: Creativity slumbers in all of us and new opportunities lurk everywhere – but how do we find them? Our creativity depends on how flexible we are in embracing new circumstances, our capacity for lateral thinking and whether we recognize and exploit the existing potential to create, develop and tread new paths.

Dr Oliver Tissot demonstrates
- how you can unlock your creativity and embrace the new; 
- how new incentives can arise from difficult and lengthy tasks;
- how to set clear goals and avoid chaos plans;
- how to ensure that good ideas aren’t simply lucky strikes.
The Columbus Concept demonstrates how you too – sometimes by way of a detour – can achieve your goals in an entertaining and unorthodox manner.

The Key Joke Speech – The Funny Summing-up.
Content: What really sticks in the mind after a day packed with lectures and talks? Dr Tissot sums up and highlights the most important topics. He ensures a lasting and sustainable gain by accentuating the salient points, providing striking cross-references and refreshing analogies. His apt summaries are packed with punchlines and demonstrate his razor-sharp and ready wit. Your attendees will leave feeling elated, entertained at a high level and will take away lasting and entertaining memories of your event.

In recent years, he has garnered prestigious international awards and recognitions for creativity and has been one of Germany’s top 100 speakers since 2008. Many consider him to be ’Germany’s best stand-up comedian in the business sector’. Dr Oliver Tissot is a linguistic acrobat who is adept at juggling the highbrow with depth and the profound in peak form.

He is not simply a stirring rhetorician but also an ingenious cabaret artist and a classy court jester, enthralling audiences with his wit, on-point punchlines, sophisticated wordsmithery and succinct one-liners.

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