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Innovation, Knowledge, Quality.
Innovation Markus Reimer: True Innovation - Why and how we have to think differently.

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Dr. Markus Reimer on Innovation, Knowledge & Quality.

Dr. Markus Reimer is an internationally sought-after keynote speaker and a consultant for companies and organizations in management issues of innovation, quality and knowledge. His clients rank from DAX-companies to small and medium-sized companies as well as social organizations. The many credentials portrait a clear picture about the practical contents, his dynamic and not least his unique sense of humor.

Lecture Topics:

True Innovation – Why and how we have to think differently.
Why this presentation for your event?
On a high level, yet completely entertaining and in a clear and understandable way you will find out what you have to consider if you need to stay innovative or want to become innovative.
Points covered:
The biggest killers of innovation and tons of incentives for innovation: You can expect a real creative yet humorous spectacle – and it is suitable for any company.

Nice to Know: Knowledge 4.0 – What we need to know about Know-How
Why this presentation for your event?
Because you will realize that the dealing with knowledge in all its diversity can hardly be outdone. And you will know, after this lecture, what knowledge can initiate – and how – within your company. 
Points covered:
Knowledge, know-how, is considered as one of the biggest resources of the future. But with what are we really dealing here with? It awaits you a fully energized performance on a new old subject.

Innovation – Beyond ISO 9001 and quality management?
Why this presentation for your event?
As you will experience down-to-earth and with an astonished twinkle in your eye why this matter of quality management and innovative agility is so difficult … and yet so simple.
Points covered:
Do quality management, creativity, innovation and motivation cancel each other out?  No way!  How do you create synergy? A potent speech about the specter ISO 9001.

Success does not happen on its own! The principles for success of a company
Why this presentation for your event?
Through the use of many anecdotes and cross references in the fields of science, philosophy and nature you will gain an understanding that there exist everywhere a few common denominators resulting in long-term success.
Points covered:
All long-term successful companies have some aspects in common. And these are not the products or services they offer. It is a manner of thinking and acting.

While in the military service Markus Reimer studied pedagogy. After having served in the military, he joined a company specializing in further education, which he then led as its CEO for several years. He graduated an education as controller and auditor for quality management systems and founded an institute for systems of management. He earned his PhD in philosophy with magna cum laude and for many years now he is touring as a speaker on the stages in the German-speaking areas.

His focus on the subjects of innovation, knowledge and quality is in demand by his clients, who range from DAX-companies to little and mid-sized companies as well as social organizations. In 2007 he was awarded the Prize for Innovative Further Education by the Federal Institute for Professional Education for one of his designed and implemented projects.  For many years now he serves as an auditor for management systems at one of the largest and most prestigious certifying companies in the world.

He presents his lectures at a superior level and yet in a very understandable language. In his presentations, which are also grounded in the fundamentals of philosophy, he uncovers the assumed boundaries of human thinking. He leads his astonished listeners through unimagined "thought-dimensions", raises questions, sows doubt and in the final end reconciles his listeners with the fact that, when they leave the lecture, they know more, no – they actually understand more.

Markus Reimer convinces with brilliant rhetoric, spot-on data contents and an enormous dynamic. "An elemental power" – as a listener described him. He does straight talking, he incites reflection and, guaranteed, he brings his listeners to marvel while he finds for his demanding thematic always the right channel to reach his target audience.

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