Maike van den Boom

Intercultural happiness ambassador and best selling author
Maike van den Boom - The Road to Happiness!

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Intercultural happiness ambassador and best selling author – or the down-to-earth version of happiness.

"If you understand the principles of happiness than you don’t need happiness tips anymore."

- Big wheel or knob? What we can learn from happy cultures.
- We are humans among humans. The ho of happy enterprises.
- Are you ready for the journey into happiness? Great. Here’s the bill.
- Happiness knows always two aspects: you and me.

Take aways for the audience
- A deep understanding of the context of a happy life.
- No tips, but the awareness oft your own responsability to create your own ideas.
- Food for thought.
- Desire of a different society.

Maike van den Boom, *1971 in Heidelberg.
She holds a degree in Art Therapy from the Netherlands, where she has lived for 13 years before moving to Mexico for two years. She never pursuit a career in the social sector.

From the Dutch she learned: It’s irrelevant what you studied. Hire on attitude, training on skills. So Maike recruited personnel, sold tons of steal, led the communication of an emergency light producer, and much more.

As in the Dutch, a so called "experience expert" Maike developed a profound background in marketing, communications and sales. She worked in different companies, markets and countries. After living 15 years in happy countries she returned to Germany. And is amazed. About the resistant reservation towards a happy (working) life.

With her experiences in several companies and her vision of another way of togetherness,  she translates the advantages of happiness into daily business. Which - by the way - does not differ from the personal challenges that everyone faces in daily life.

Maike questions the way people treat one another in our current societies. In her view, only humanist societies and companies are able to combine both: success and happiness.

As an expert on happiness she gets ongoing new impulses through visiting companies in the happy countries of the world.

"The culture of a country infuences the cuture of a company."

Her motto: "Leading a happy life is totally unspectacular. It’s the result of the values you live every day." Social trust, responsibility, respect just to name a few. But also living with a strong social community, a high degree of personal freedom and, above all, the ability to laugh at life and yourself – which Maike does very often.

Her research project and book
As she was involved in the happiness research, she questioned herself one morning: Why are other countries happier than we are? To find an answer to this question Maike decided to  travel around the world for 9 weeks, interviewing scientists, journalists and hundreds of citizens of the 13 happiest countries. Her book "Wo geht’s denn hier zum Glück ?" ("The road to happiness") entered the bestseller lists after a few weeks and is translated in several languages.

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Video & Audio
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