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Jens G. Korte - Wall Street, the American Dream?
Jens Korte - America and President Trump. The Future of the Economy and Wall Street.

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"It’s never paid to bet against America. We come through things, but its not always a smooth ride." - Warren Buffett.

The relations between Europe and the US have seen better times in history. But America remains the global locomotive and an important driver for growth in Europe. Jens Korte reports from Wall Street since 1999. In 2003, together with "Die Zeit" business correspondent Heike Buchter, he founded his own company "new york german press".

Jens witnessed the rise of the dotcom era, the burst of the bubble, the terror attacks in September 2001, the following comeback of America and the biggest recession since the Great Depression. With the recent energy boom the USA once again seem to be the power house of the world - even as China is catching up quickly. And the world is facing many challenges with the ongoing currency wars.

Jens Korte reports daily for Swiss TV SRF, German n-tv and Deutsche Welle (in German and English). He talks daily on SRF 4 News radio about the ups and downs of the US economy and markets. In 2013 he started "Wall Street Insights" – twice a month he talks to noble price winners, economists, taxi drivers, traders or consumers about the challenges of the USA. Jens Korte also writes a weekly column for nzz am Sonntag and a monthly column for the German weekly Der Freitag. In 2014 he published his first book. "Save Wall Street – why we do need the gamblers". Since fall of 2012 he coaches the various soccer teams of his son in Brooklyn.

Jens Korte gives you an insight into the American financial world "live" from the trading floor on Wall Street. He is fluent in German and English. Fascinating, authentic, motivating and impressive. His reports are gripping from the very first second!

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