Georg Wawschinek

Leading Expert on Charisma
Charismatic Leading - credible, persuasive, exemplary leadership

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Georg Wawschinek is a leading expert on charisma. As a journalist and presenter at Austria’s largest pop music station Hitradio Ö3, he learned early on how to connect with millions of listeners and keep the tension ramped up without boring his audience for a single second. He is passionate about linking captivating content with a stirring performance to spark the kind of charismatic impact that leads to success.

For more than 15 years, Georg Wawschinek has been passing on his knowledge and expertise to ten thousands of people in seminars and lectures. His clients include managers, executives and employees from mid-sized companies, corporations, celebrities, politicians and anyone who wants to use their personality to move and inspire people. When fascinating content, an inspiring voice and a captivating personality come together, the result is the most magical attribute we possess – charisma!

Georg Wawschinek shows how everyone can discover, train and develop their inherent charisma. He encourages people to embrace their own charisma and employ it as a tool for success. 

Keynote speeches

Charisma as a tool for success – developing a persuasive and inspiring manner
- What you can learn from famous and everyday charismatic individuals 
- How to develop, train and let your charisma shine in 10 steps 
- How to use your charisma to inspire and win over people 

Charismatic Leading – credible, persuasive, exemplary leadership
- How to cultivate a poised, confident approach and create a trusting atmosphere
- How to inspire and move people with the power of words
- How to use your personality to charismatic effect, convince people and be a role model 

Charismatic Selling – empathetic, connective, winning selling
- How to act with charisma and confidence
- How to win trust, establish relationships and convince people 
- How to communicate with inspiration and ignite that spark in your customers 

CoreTelling® – how to keep your audience on the edge of their seats
- How to harness the power of rhetoric to reach every goal 
- How to set the stage for your content and message and leave a lasting impression 
- How to captivate and inspire your audience with a thrilling dramatic composition

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