Dr. Biyon Kattilathu

Expert for Motivation, Innovation & Creativity.
Biyon Kattilathu: Embracing the Future.

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Dr. Biyon Kattilathu: No way for "no way".

Dr. Biyon Kattilathu distinguishes himself by his ability to trigger eye-opening effects - applying his humorous and vibrant ways of working. He connects his profound theoretical skill set with vivid practical examples (influenced by day-to-day life). With his customer-centric approach, he individually adapts new solutions to every client’s needs. For his audience, Biyon Katthilathu’s intercultural background is seen as a strong trademark.

Having been awarded for the youngest German Champion in Taekwondo, he knows what it takes to overcome hesitation and inner fears. He will enable his clients to reach peak performance at highest levels of pressure. In his outstanding doctoral thesis he covers question which respond to measures of increasing customer delight and ways to motivate employees in a long-lasting manner.

The shootingstar was elected as one of the best 100 success trainers in Germany and Austria (ERFOLG-Magazine/June 2017).

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