Premium Speakers - Your personal Speakers Agency.

Through many years of experience in the conference field, we are in a position to engage the right speakers, intellectuals, artists, musicians and entrepreneurs.

We offer you
The quality of the speaker plays a key role in the success of your event. As an internationally active agency, we have worldwide contact to leading personalities: intellectuals, visionaries, scientists, artists, sports stars, politicians, motivators, strategists, adventurers and other outstanding people.

We support you in the ideal choice of speakers and topics, point you to innovative ideas, provide you with all the information you require and clarify availability and organizational details with the speaker. We accompany your planning procedure from concept to completion. Our task is first complete when your event has ended and you have evaluated our speakers.

Your advantages
Our high-quality service saves you spending time on the search for and research on personalities and speakers. As owners and organizers of one of the most renowned events in Europe – the International Alpensymposium – we are only too familiar with your requirements, questions and challenges.

We and our global network
We are an agency for speakers – Premium Speakers – which arranges the services of renowned speakers for congresses, conferences, seminars, meetings and other events. Premium Speakers has a global network and runs offices in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Singapore, Hongkong and in the USA.

Our objective
To contribute to the success of an event and trigger new impulses to successfully master the challenges of tomorrow, with the aid of personalities and experts as well as the latest knowledge from the fields of business, politics, media, science, education, research, culture and sport.

Our speakers
Together with our partners, we possess worldwide contact to leading personalities. We work together with renowned speakers from all over the world. These include celebrities such as Sir Bob Geldof, Sir Richard Branson, Joschka Fischer, Yanis Varoufakis, Wolfgang Bosbach, Gregor, Gysi, Dr Auma Obama, Jack Welch, Joseph Stiglitz, Garry Kasparov, Hermann Scherer, Klaus Wowereit, Ottmar Hitzfeld, Christiana Figueres, Bertrand Piccard, José Manuel Barroso, Jean-Claude Trichet, Jürgen Stark, Beatrice Weder di Mauro and many more.